Structural Steel Detailing

Shop detailing is a crucial part of the steelworks manufacturing process... Either as a part of the process or a separate order, our shop detailing department is always ready to work on the measurements for a final detail, sketching them and later on implementing during the fabrication process. This process is usually extremely intricate and demands near-99% accuracy. Even a tiny error can lead to a loss of valuable time and money, as well as raw material. Structural steel detailing is an important, non-skippable iteration process that is used in all types of manufacturing and construction activities, such as the erection of residential and commercial buildings, factories and institutes, as well as shipbuilding. It's during the steel detailing stage, that all people working on a particular manufacturing or a construction project, such as engineers, architects, contractors, fabricators and others communicate it all through. Steel detailing is mainly about creating detailed drawings for fabricators and contractors, which makes it crucial indeed.